What are some ways that you could use Rip?

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  • meet mickey mouse
  • afaga
  • newidea
  • fggdfgfd
  • new idea
  • idea
  • fghfgh gfhsfgh
  • dfgsdfg fghfs
  • fdgdf
  • bndf
  • nxchbvmx xnchmzxcv xcvxhjcv xvhjzgvlhjdf
  • sdfvgasd snadbgfjkasdfg
  • asgfjas
  • gvjasdgfasd
  • gxc xnzcbv znxbc,xcv xcbhxcv vnxbcvhjxcv judf
  • Create the whole plugins vs gems vs vendor vs rip debate
  • fragment library management even more.
  • suck a duck
  • rely on git hosting permissions to host 'private' gems
  • you could drink it as a tasty beverage
  • Replace Rails own gem management
  • rest in peace
  • rest in peace
  • rest in peace
  • Destroy the whole Rails plugins vs gems debate
  • test
  • Keep an environment for each customer project
  • Ruby on Rails is the best!
  • Ruby
  • Ruby
  • sfgdfg
  • Prevent CI breakage by having an env per app
  • have an environment for Rails 1.x code audits I do
  • try out new dependency versions quickly
  • Isolate dependencies on the 2.0.2 Rails app I develop on full time.
  • keep deployed application safe from library updates
  • environment specific deployment files
  • manage rubygems per-project (env)

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