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  • oi
  • Chocolate Covered Peanuts are yummy!
  • what is your office layout like? Cubes, open plan, offices? and which do you think works best for development?
  • test
  • Selling in agile to new clients
  • How you started up
  • do you ever barter?
  • best lunch spots
  • favorite drinks
  • do you ever lie about your tech knowledge so that you don't have to help a friend/family member?
  • worst project you ever had to work on (at Planet Argon)
  • how often do you have to step over someone when you enter the office?
  • how honest can you be about business (meta topic?)
  • ever done a project for free? charity work?
  • the best idea you never used/did
  • walk through of the software you use for work (and play)
  • have you ever given a price break to work on something awesome?
  • what sites/projects inspire you?
  • why create for others instead of making something to sell?
  • working with remote clients
  • client collaboration
  • postgres vs mysql
  • why rspec?
  • why you don't use haml
  • if there's a chief evangelist, who are the deputies? :)
  • how do you incorporate design into the development process
  • how important is agile
  • more tools and tips to assist in the development process
  • how do you manage bugs?
  • the story behind brainstormr
  • code ownership on client projects
  • how you decide which projects to accept, and which to pass

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