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Looking for a list of the best restaurants to try out in town? Need help soliciting creative product names before you launch your new product?

With the Brainstormr App, it’s easy to create a topic, invite colleagues, friends and family to contribute ideas and collaborate together to collect the quick (yet authentic) feedback that makes brainstorming sessions so effective - without the limitations of space and time.

  • Create with ease

    Create as many topics as you want - they’ll all be saved on your device for easy access (you can even archive ones you no longer need).

  • Collaborate with anyone

    Easily share your brainstormrs through a variety of tools, like Facebook, twitter, email or simply send a text message. We’ll even tell you when new ideas have been added!

  • Contribute anytime, anywhere

    Like a true brainstorm, the best ideas always come out of the flood of authentic responses. But even better, there’s no limit to the ideas - anyone you want to collaborate with, from anywhere, at anytime.

  • Collect and utilize

    Want to work through those ideas for food carts? No problem! Collect all the ideas by exporting them to a list you can use for whatever you want.

Need some examples?

You can use brainstormr for any question or topic. Want to get a list of the next book you should read? Need ideas for your next big product? Brainstormr can help.

Here’s some examples we’ve seen used: